A Used Jaguar – A Guide to Saving Money When You Buy One

I recently visited my local used Jaguar dealer because I decided that was the kind of vehicle I was interested in. Jaguar has had a long history of success over in the British market and since I have a lot of friends over in the United Kingdom, I somewhat wanted to make them jealous. I saved nearly $10,000 on my used Jaguar purchase! It was really unbelievable. I got a Jaguar Mark V in perfect shape. I mean this thing looks like it was polished daily, driven on sunny weekends and garaged during the bad seasons. It is really truly remarkable that a vehicle can be kept in such good shape.

I have been into classic cars for some time, but have thus failed to purchase a classic model Jaguar, until now that is! My local used Jaguar dealer (well, I say local but I did have to do some travelling in order to visit the best dealer I could find and get the best price, but it was worth it) made it easy for me to find exactly what I was looking for in a Jaguar classic car. I found one in white and tan in immaculate condition: a real collector’s item to say the least.

Now when many people think about a Jaguar car, they might get the idea that it is a fast car for racing or something. That may be true for newer models but as for the classic styles, I would liken it to more of a cruiser for the luxury minded individual who wants to get more from going to A to B than just getting there. The Mark V is not a slow car, but it won’t get you to 60 in under six seconds either. Where this car excels is it’s stylish nature, unfaltered reputation and convertible features.

I can say that I will be making other used Jaguar purchases in the future. It was an incredibly savvy investment on my part, considering the price I got this vehicle for. It really rounds out my collection of classic cars very nicely, and I am eager to add a newer model to my line-up in hopes that that too may be considered classic some day and somebody might, like I did, seek it out and be utterly amazed and the awe-inspiring beauty of this Used Jaguar.

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