Free Electricity, Renewable Energy Generator Plans Available – Going Green

Two Australian Inventors from Freshwater in NW Cairns Queensland (I lived in SW Cairns in Earlville) John Christie and Ludwig (Lu) Brits invented a home use free energy machine in 2001. This generator has the ability to be able to run a house effectively without the use of any traditional electricity. This machine actually produces more than five times the amount of electricity than is uses.

The free energy machine is under a patent for its innovative technology. This free energy is patented under the name “a means of controlling a rotary device” and the invention is patented under this name in a number of countries including New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Mexico and Turkey. This free energy machine is actually producing new energy without the need for traditional electricity. As John Christie said in an interview back in 2001 “the system works because of the interaction between magnetic attraction and magnetic repulsion”

Currently you cannot actually buy the free energy machine because even though it has been patented, no companies have manufactured it for domestic use. There are a number of Power Companies in Europe and Canada who have produced industrial size machines. However, for the domestic market, this has meant that other companies have produced plans that show you how to make this type of generator in your own home. Both John and Lu have stated on the website and in interviews that companies like Magniwork and Magnets 4 Energy are not in any way related to their innovations and did not write the plans for their equipment. However, both John and Lu have said that their system is basically developed by the work of English scientist Michael Faraday who discovered that electrical energy could be produced by magnetism in combination with movement also developed over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla.

The available books of plans on the free energy machine is therefore a very good option if you want to mimic the work of the scientist, as well as these two Australian inventors. I believe that is not only for your benefit so that you save money on electricity, but also for the benefit of the environment. The continued use of exhausting the supply of fossil fuels is causing more and more damage to the environment, and something needs to be done to stop this. At the moment you can buy these books for under $50.00 (with a 100% 60 day money back guarantee) and they give you all the information you will possibly need to be able to build your own free energy machine. Probably the main reason that no manufacturer is willing to make these machines is that it will destroy the energy industry. That being said, there would never be any monthly bills and the government would not be able to squeeze that money out in tax. If you were smart you would make one of these machines yourself because you could power your house forever without spending any money.

A free energy machine is probably the best and most innovative invention of our generation. Read up about this technology and find out what you need to do to make this machine, or get someone else to build it for you. Chances don’t come along everyday for you to make such a difference to the environment. If you choose not to do this for yourself, choose to do it for the environment because otherwise in the future we will not have a beautiful environment like we have now. Get in touch with me and benefit with your own free energy machine. Just do something – you have the power.

Paul Goldman, is a “transplanted” Australian living in Florida who got tired of sky-high electricity prices, gas prices and things that were damaging the environment (and his wallet) so he investigated ALL the options. The ones that WORKED and the others!
“I go Green- My wallet goes Greener”

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