Add a “UET Tag” to your website

A “UET Tag” is a piece of code that you can copy from Bing Ads and insert it on your website to send information back to Bing Ads about what your customers are doing while there. This is a great feature, because your remarketing efforts will greatly depend on Bing Ads tracking the behavior of people on your website.

To create a “UET Tag,” go to the “campaigns” tab in your Bing Ads account and click on the “conversion tracking” tab from the left side menu. Now, click on “UET Tags” and then on the “create UET Tag” button. Now, simply enter a name and a description for your “UET Tag” on the respective fields.

Click “save” and copy the JavaScript code from the window that will appear. You can also download it or email it. Click “done” when you are finished here. Now, go to your website and insert your “UET Tag” code there. The method that you will need to use to integrate said code on your website will vary depending on your content management system.

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