Bachelorette parties are technically the last days of the bride with her friends. Naturally, she wants to make the most of it. And that means the celebration starts right from the day of planning it out.

This is certainly an important day for the bride as it is her last party as a single woman. Naturally, she would like to let them know how much she cares for them. Ideally, the process should start early. In fact, an innovative invitation card for the bachelorette party would certainly be a unique one.

However, unlike any other party, the bachelorette party does not have a particular theme. This can make the task both easy and difficult. For, it imparts a liberty to plan out the theme, which in turn may prove difficult for many.

However, like the party, a bachelorette party card can be of various types as well. One good idea to make invitation cards that reflects the theme of the party. However, while making the invitation, one must remember that the cards should be funny or in the lighter vein.

For example, if the party is going to be held at some bar or pub, the invitation can resemble the shape of the martini glass. On the other hand, if it is decided that the party is going to be arranged at the home where the guests will have refreshments, the invitation may look like a wine glass or even a cheese plate.

To keep the atmosphere of fun, the wordings and verses in the party invitation should also be light. The verses and words should be colloquial and the name of the bride can be mentioned in it. Remember that it is a bachelorette party and there is no need to formalize the tone. However, it should be noted that the invitation should include the message that bride is going to celebrate for the last time as a single; so the guests are invited to come and celebrate.

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