Label Your Files

Part of creating a file system that works for you is to label your files in a way that you can easily understand. There are specially designed folders that have tabs to write a brief description of the folder’s contents. For example, if you’re someone who saves receipts, you might have a folder titled “Receipts.” You may want to include sub-folders inside your “Receipts” folder and title the sub-folders based on the year it was received or the store that it came from. It’s important to have a filing system that appeals to you so it encourages a habit of using it.

Invest in a Filing Cabinet

You need a place where you can keep your files safe and organized. A filing cabinet stores a lot of paperwork in a way that allows it to be accessed efficiently. Every folder is kept upright in the cabinet, so you can go through them and pull documents out of them without removing them from the filing system. This stops you from disturbing your entire filing system if you have to go hunting for a missing document. Filing cabinets also tend to be sturdy and secure, so they’ll keep your important paperwork safe from damage. Some even have locking drawers, in the case that privacy is an issue.

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