As well as optimizing your channel, you can also optimize your videos themselves in a number of ways which will help them to get discovered more easily.

The first thing to do here is just to ensure that your videos are HD and that they have thumbnails. Try to avoid shaky cameras, or stolen content. Doing this will ensure your videos are seen as high quality by YouTube and that in turn will mean they get promoted more readily. At the same time though, you should also think a little about SEO…

An Introduction to YouTube SEO

SEO is ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and essentially it means designing a web content in a way that makes it ‘Google friendly’ or in this case ‘YouTube friendly’. The main way most people find new content on YouTube is by searching for it and in this sense, YouTube is very similar to Google. In fact, the search engine is built by Google and is actually the second biggest search tool on the net in terms of the number of queries it receives!

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