Boredom is not as easy to define as it seems to be. People often go under anguish and despair just because of the fact that they do not like what they do or they do not have anything to do at all. An interesting truth is people who do not get bored easily can achieve their goals and are more task oriented. But the person who gets bored easily cannot easily work together with individuals and settings and cannot be more dynamic for themselves and the society.

At times we find children getting tired of something without any specific reason. They want more attention from their parents to nurture their vision and self-confidence. If it is said that festivity is the right solution for monotony then it cannot be applied to children. Parents, who go on parties, a lot often find their kids suffering from boredom that might result in dejection.

Partying, boredom and drugs abuse are interrelated in one way or the other. People who get bored repeatedly indulge themselves in dugs and later on move to parties. In these circumstances partying is not the way out to boredom.

Partying can be one of the solutions of getting rid of boredom. In fact, constant partying can even boost the state of boredom instead of being a source of relief from it. Anything that continues for long and occurs frequently becomes boring and for this reason it cannot be outlet for boredom.

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