Mario has been such a successful video game character that he has become a symbol of video games as a whole. If you select Super Mario birthday supplies for your kid’s next birthday celebration you can be just as popular.

Mario and Luigi may have to fight their way through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue the Princess, but you won’t with the Super Mario Deluxe Pack. It has everything you need to save the day: plates, cups, napkins, and much more. You’ll hang up Mario crepe and float Mario Mylar balloons to decorate the party. Then, look out! to make sure you don’t get stomped.

To keep all those toadstools peaceful just hand out some Super Mario Favor Boxes. They’ll race to the table like the bullet on the sticker sheet. They’ll fly through the air like the flying fish. Then watch them attack those jumbo crayons to make all new Mario characters of their own.

Once everyone sits down and rests their white-gloved hands on the Mario tablecover, they’ll be ready for cake. So, serve it up and watch their mustaches get white with milk right from the Mario cup. Make sure no one decides to battle for the centerpiece featuring Mario and Luigi ready to invade the kingdom.

Hey, you can distract them by handing out a few Super Mario Sound Effects Keychains. Not only does it really work as a keychain, but it has six buttons to activate six different authentic sounds from the video game. Maybe you better get yourself some Mario earmuffs, first!

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