After that, everyone will be as quiet as a mushroom as you hand out some treats from the Sour Candy Mushroom Tin. The candy is a taste delight and the tins make for fine keepsakes for parents. They’re 2 1/4 inches high, the perfect size to store spare keys or buttons, coins, or other little odds and ends.

Now everyone is free to wander around the party room and try to catch a balloon. Make it fun by selecting enough to make a bunch of Cyan/White Cloud balloons to lift them up to the stars. Or, choose the Red Balloons that remind everyone of Mario’s happy puffed up cheeks from chasing King Koopa across the castle on the way to rescuing Princess Peach.

Make Mario’s job easier by letting him float instead of run. Get some Super Mario Bros Mylar balloons and he can drift over the castle walls.

Once Princess Peach has been rescued and the party is over, you’ll want to express your appreciation to your guests and their parents. Take advantage of Super Mario Bros andquot;Thank Youandquot; notes to make the job easy. Add your own thoughts to the little Mushroom Head’s sentiments, saying andquot;Thank You… for making my party a smashing good time.andquot; Now sit back and enjoy your royal day.

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