Nevertheless we are now going to need cheap tires like we’ve never needed them before. We just purchased a monster truck. OK, so it’s not *really* a monster truck, nevertheless it seems like it, especially when compared to the Kia! Crewcab, longbed, 4X4, 1-ton pickup. That’s just insanely large for us. And it came with really big fat tires too. And what in the world possessed us to buy an extremely large truck? Well, because we needed something large enough to pull a 5th wheel RV trailer. Yeah, more tires. So we will eventually be rolling down the line with eight tires. Maybe you can now see why the whole idea of cheap tires is attractive to me!

And talking about not cheap items, have you priced truck tires before? WOW those are expensive! So I’ve been doing a bit of reading, researching and investigating. Hey, it’s what I do. So far I really like the tires i can found on website. They sell retreads, much like all of the fleet and big-rig trucks use. I could replace my existing tires for $87 each. Impressive! I appreciate the reviews that Petersen’s Offroad and 4-wheel Magazine did about them.

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