If you are looking for a resolution, discover it in yourself. Do you know yourself fully? Do you know what talent is hidden in your personality that is still to be revealed and utilised? The most fascinating thing in the world to do is pursue your own interests and abilities and try experimenting on them. This will not only reduce your dullness but it will also take you to the height of progress that you might have never thought before.

If you are dreary and dull and find boredom all over in everything, in all activities, then you must have nutritional shortage. Lack of vigour will not let you enjoy anything whether it’s a party or sitting among your friends. Festivity can be the solution in one way, that is, if you work five days a week and look forward to party with friends or go to clubs to enjoy. If you are free the entire week then partying will not be changed than any activity that turn off you.

People who watch movies do not want to read books so the greatest pleasure for them is watching different movies and entertaining them. Those who love to read books don’t enjoy doing any other thing. Ordinary people love to spend time with their families despite of hanging out with others.

Therefore, one should know one’s own self well, in order to acquire pleasure from life and keep away from boredom. Generally, one thing on everyone like partying or watching movies or something else in order to avoid of boredom is not possible. Look around and try to find out things that interest you. This is the only solution that is hidden in your own self.

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