If you are expecting friends coming over from far off places, then you ought to inform them about the party theme beforehand, or you can also get some extra fancy dresses just in case someone drops by at the last moment. You would definitely not want the party theme to be spoiled at any cost. You may also want to decorate the place depending on the theme.

The makeup to be used will depend on the theme of the party. If its cartoon characters, you won’t be wearing any party makeup. , makeup should be casual at best and not over done. If it’s a night on the town, then you all will be carrying your makeup kits. That would be more out of habit then necessity.

The purpose of a hen party is to dress up according to the theme, get drunk, or at least get the bride sloshed. Have a lot of fun and have a good time. A hen party is either a night or a late night affair, so don’t plan any early appointments for the next morning. Everyone will arrive at varying times, but the party will begin all together.


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