Law of Curiosity For Online Sales

You can either choose to leave the product somewhat mysterious and by nature of what you don’t say, sell that product with a trigger of curiosity. Or, you can choose to give exquisite detail of what the product is like with the caveat that the buyer must experience it for themselves to really understand how wonderful the experience really is. In other words, you will constantly allude to the experience with descriptive, powerful, copy without actually making it easy for the mind to grasp. It’s always slightly out of focus. blue heroin for sale

Your copy should also have a si milar style even if you decide to focus on a story or stop just short of revealing the secret that you were going to share to your readers unless they buy your product. And, there are many ways to keep people engaged using a style that triggers curiosity by using phrases like, “wait, there’s more…” or “If you think this interesting, wait until I what I have to say now…” These types of phrases pull the reader deep into the copy and stir the curiosity to get to the point of the sales page or product.
The Psychology

If you ever remember being enchanted by bedtime stories as a youngster, you know that you couldn’t wait to know what happened to the hero or heroine at the end of the story. Once you’re involved in a story, no matter what it is, you want to know how it ends.

On the other hand, if you tell the reader too much too soon, the story loses its charm. There’s no more sense of mystery or excitement. Anything that is too quick to reveal its charm come off as a desperate attempt to seduce the reader in a cheap and trashy way. Often, it turns people off instead of turning them on. However, if you can leave just a little of that story untold and bring the reader in by holding back, then you will find that they have a much higher interest level in the product you offer. So, even though the product hasn’t changed, you have triggered a psychological element in the person reviewing the offer that values something that isn’t so quick to give itself away.

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