Life by Keith Richards

Book Review: Life by Keith Richards

The autobiography of Keith Richards, the famous guitarist of the Rolling Stones is out in the market and is ready to be consumed by fans worldwide. He has narrated the book in a very interesting, content rich and enjoyable manner. However, credit should be bestowed on the author James Fox for writing this book in a very acceptable and understandable manner.

The book talks about the various events that took place in Keith’s life, dropping in and out of music but particularly focusing on the music. The events also included the formation of the band and the engagements of the members. Other than this the randomness at the time of practice sessions and the use of drugs were also huge part of the book.

He also describes the various fights that took place on the roads as well as during practice sessions.

The book is really a book of secrets about the techniques and ways Keith uses his guitar. It is a real treasure for guitar players and hardcore fans of the Rolling Stones.

It is very interesting to read the bonding and affection that Keith had with his son Marlon, the complexities of life Marlon was exposed to in his environment, these obviously shaped him for his future life.

The last pages of the book talk about the moments that he shared with his mother when she was on her death bed.

Life, the book by Keith Richards is a transparent view into his sometimes wild life, the book draws you into his world and lets you get a little closer to the real Keith, a must have book for guitar enthusiasts and hardcore fans.



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