Which Virtual Office is Right For You?

Virtual office providers have exponentially increased, even through the recession. The reason is that it is a cost-effective business solution and has found favor with both start-up businesses and established businesses bent on cutting costs. With the increase in number of providers, choosing the right virtual office has become a decision worth the attention of business people.

A virtual office provides the middle ground between entirely operating from home and setting up an expensive office in a business district or in several business districts across the world. In fact, with the capital and resources that you would normally spend on setting up a conventional office, you could easily have business presence and prestigious business addresses across 25 countries or more. Or, if you choose to, you can invest that precious capital and resources to build your actual business rather than burying it in immovable space. Since setting up a virtual office is a significant business decision, and one that would likely affect the future of your business, finding the right business address, as well as the right service provider, is equally important for you.

The Right Virtual Office Address

The best virtual office address for your business, of course, would be in a prestigious location or business district that is associated with your trade or profession. IT companies with a Silicon Valley address, a share brokerage with a Wall Street address, a tea company with an address in Darjeeling, India etc., are all instances of good business addresses, since they boost the credibility of your business. If you are into selling fashion accessories or apparels, an address in Paris or the Fifth Avenue can work wonders. But there are other considerations too that you need to take into account. For example, you might need to meet clients from time to time at the virtual office address and having an address in a nearby business district might be your priority. Or maybe you can create a mix of addresses to power your firm’s portfolio and go for nearby as well foreign addresses. Whatever decision you take, the address must add credibility and prestige to your business in order to be of value and work out properly for you.

The Right Virtual Office Provider

Providing virtual offices is now a full-scale business, and like other business segments, it too has its share of unprofessional people and people who have poor ethics and service. Good providers will never compel you to pay more than necessary, however there will always be those who will provide packages filled with features and facilities you need to pay for, but will rarely use. A common example is a package, which includes and charges for a number of hours of physical conference facility as part of a tenancy, even though the office is in a foreign land and the provider knows that you will never have any use for so many hours of conference room rent every month. You need to steer clear of these over-smart providers for their business attitude is fishy to say the very least.

It is evident that a person who needs a virtual office is either remotely placed or needs to cut costs as much as possible. Trying to sell facilities that are useless to the client may not be unethical, but surely is unprofessional and shows an attitude, which is contradictory to long-term business relationship.

A good virtual office provider will provide the following facilities at the very least:

1. A prestigious business address
2. Flexible payment plans
3. Renting of executive suites or conference facilities at hourly rates
4. Mail receiving, re-mailing, sending and forwarding services
5. Print and fax
6. Dedicated phone number and forwarding
7. Virtual receptionist
8. Virtual assistant on hourly rates as and when required
9. Reliable help desk for solving problems

It is also prudent to select a provider who offers multiple business locations and shows commitment to the business of providing a virtual office. However, local companies and start-ups with single office locations can also be good provided they handle things professionally, and especially when you need a nearby address with conferencing facilities.

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